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Images On The Archipelago Film Festival Society Presents:

The Haida Gwaii Film Festival 2016

MARCH 11 - Skidegate, Haida Heritage Centre

MARCH 12 - Queen Charlotte, Community Hall

MARCH 13 - Port Clements, Community Hall



  • ATMOSPHERES OF DEMOCRACY. Social justice, human rights, sociology, politics.

  • WILD WEB WORLD. Environment, ecology of mind, philosophy.

  • FRAME BY FRAME. Animation, non-narrative films.


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Skidegate, Queen Charlotte, Port Clements


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Animation Workshop, led by David Donar, March 14th, Queen Charlotte Teen Centre.

Film Presentation, 'The Messenger', by Su Rynard with Q&A and seminar.

Film Presentation, 'Haida Gwaii on the Edge of the World', by Charles Wilkinson & Tina Schliessler

Birdwatch Hike to Spirit Lake. Guided by Su Rynard, director of 'The Messenger' and Carita Bergman of Parks Canada, Saturday morning, time to be announced after the film screening on Friday at Haida Heritage Centre. Open to the public.


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We are open for entries in the categories

  • Local films
  • International short films
  • International documentary films

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Good to know...

The Deadline for the 2016 Haida Gwaii Film Festival is  December 31st, 2015.



"The mandate of the Images on the Archipelago Film Festival Society is to give exposure to Canadian films, support film-making education, facilitate all our local islanders to express themselves through films, and build bridges between the communities of Haida Gwaii and the world."

Board of Directors

Debra Uliana, Carey Bergman, Barb Wojtaszek, Barbara Chirinos, Nikki Collins


  • Artistic Director/Programmer, Dafne Romero
  • Sound/Projection Technician, Toby Sanmiya
  • Catalogue Layout and Design, Pat Carrie Smith
  • Website, Pat Carrie Smith
  • Artistic Designer, Lexi Forbes
  • Still Photography, Jason Shafto
  • Venue Coordinator, Sabrina Frazier
  • Communications/Programming, Julia Gregory
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